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Kinfolk is opening a new cafe – welcome SIBLING to the family!

Our new cafe in Carlton North, Sibling, will enable us to double volunteer opportunities over the next two years, more importantly it will add depth and specialist training to our volunteer program.

Sibling will operate as a local cafe from Monday to Sunday. Monday will be a day focused on volunteer support, specialised training and induction. To have a dedicated space for this type of training during operational hours will open doors for many of our volunteers. It will allow volunteers to strengthen their skills and confidence outside of busy service and will be a positive stepping stone for many of our more challenged community members.

Kinfolk can provide tax deductible receipts for donations made.


Counting beans…

Our distributable profits are divided amongst our project partners based on our ‘coffee bean voting system’.  Yep, our customers call the shots here!

Located on the front counter as you pay, you’ll see our two project jars and a bowl of coffee beans. Drop a bean into the jar of the project you would like to support with your purchase and then each year we have our financials audited, determine our profit, empty the jars, weigh the beans and distribute profits accordingly.

Who will you support today?

The difference your dollar makes


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Ensuring dignity and human rights for Asylum Seekers

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is Australia’s largest provider of aid, advocacy and health services to people seeking asylum.

ASRC run over 30 programs that serve the larger strategic objective to ensure people seeking asylum are treated fairly with their rights are respected under international human rights law, that they are valued and are able to determine and advance their own futures whilst experiencing the best possible physical, mental and social well-being.


Urban Seed has recently closed – we will be electing a new charity partner soon.

Click here to read a statement from Urban Seed.


Melbourne (PAST PROJECT)

Kinfolk has supported Urban Seed since 2010 and donated more than $50,000 to their cause.

Credo is a place for people from all walks of life – including those experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness or isolation.  People come together at Credo Café to eat, play and create over the communal lunch offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

It is over the regular sharing of meals that stereotypes break down, unlikely friendships develop and people are supported to greater wholeness. Whether you are homeless, elderly, a student, an office worker or unemployed, the team at Credo simply love to have lunch with you.

“The story telling that emerges through the work of Credo Café is the most powerful example I have ever seen of an organisation breaking down the stereotype of why a person is homeless and just how fragile the balance is” – Jarrod Briffa – General Manager of Kinfolk Cafe

Palm Island (PAST PROJECT)

Kinfolk has supported the Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) since 2010 and donated more than $50,000 to their cause.

The Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) helps Indigenous children experience their potential in school, and beyond.

The Foundation acknowledges the strength and wisdom that lies within remote Indigenous communities and partners with community and school leaders to help build education pathways that work.  CFF currently works with 1600 Indigenous children and their families by partnering with four remote Indigenous communities.  This includes:

Palm Island in northern Queensland since 2007; Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island in the Northern Territory since August 2014; Woorabinda in central Queensland since October 2014; and Galiwin’ku in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory since January 2015.

The Foundation delivers five programs that travel the journey of a child’s education from Pre Prep through to Year 12. The programs help broaden horizons and focus on improving school attendance, behaviour and literacy . They are also designed to help inspire children to realise their own gold medal journey.  Community and school partners value the positive impact of CFF’s work, and appreciate its collaborative approach and long term commitment to community.

“After visiting Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) on Palm Island in 2014 I am now starting to grasp just how complex these social circumstances are.  The cultural divide and level of distrust towards an outside solution is evident and understandable given the Islands history.  I am filled with inspiration after witnessing how through focusing on listening to the community, waiting for permission and involving them in a solution, over time, CFF have been able to earn the trust of the Bwgcolman people of Palm Island and work towards bridging the gap on indigenous disadvantage”- Jarrod Briffa – General Manager of Kinfolk Cafe.

We are excited to travel this exciting journey with CFF and check out this beautiful clip which shows you a glimpse of CFF’s work at cathyfreemanfoundation.org.au


Between opening in May 2010 and June 30 2014 Kinfolk supported YGAP’s efforts in Ghana and donated more than $22,000 to their cause.

YGAP partners with City of Refuge Ministries (CORM), a grassroots organisation that seeks to address the issue of child slavery and child trafficking in the Lake Volta Region of Ghana. CORM seek to address this issue through three primary means: prevention, intervention and restoration. Here is a brief oversight of how they achieve these aims.

Prevention – CORM provides education on the issue to ‘sending communities’; employs single mothers at risk of selling their children at 7 Continents; and is re-developing a social enterprise business model for ‘Save a Child’ water that would also employ single mothers.

Intervention – CORM have rescued thirty-eight children from the Lake Volta or surrounding areas; these rescued children are taken to the Children’s Village where they live with house parents and other children.

Restoration – CORM provide medical, emotional, social and educational support to all the rescued children; CORM have also opened a school which educates over 185 local children and is looking to expand further, as the physical capacity of the school grows.

YGAP’s financial support is channelled to the school and set up costs for ‘Save a Child’ water.  For more information please visit http://ygap.com.au/ghana-ygaps-anti-trafficking-program/


Between opening in May 2010 and June 30 2014 Kinfolk supported YGAP’s efforts in Rwanda and donated more than $18,000 to their cause.

YGAP launched Dreamlink in 2009 – a collaborative partnership with Sanejo to support communities in Rwanda transiting from war to peace and facing extreme poverty through the promotion of education. Both YGAP and Sanejo share a vision to eradicate poverty through the means of educating communities in developing countries.

This partnership has provided the capacity to achieve what may not have otherwise been achieved. The vision to work together to effectively strengthen tomorrow’s youth by providing access to educational facilities in Rwanda – starting with Ntenyo Primary School – has been extremely successful.

For more information please visit http://ygap.com.au/rwanda-rebuilding-classrooms/

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