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Who is Kinfolk?

We are a café addressing social inclusion through great coffee and seasonal food. Our volunteers are the driving force of our social enterprise and their contributions make a difference with 100% of our distributable profits being donated to our partner charities every year.

We have a new member of our family!!

Donkey Wheel House Events (DWHE) is the newest member of the family and is a business Kinfolk has been working closely with for years. Located on level 2 above Kinfolk Cafe, DWHE is where creative events belong. Hosting an event here is an opportunity to share in the good work happening in Melbourne’s home for social enterprise. Whether you are a corporate or community organisation, there are rooms and facilities perfect for your next conference, workshop or creative event. Read more!

Volunteers – our driving force

It’s the labours and love of our committed volunteers that have powered Kinfolk since the days when this space was merely dusty floor boards and yellow walls. They are the back bone of everything we do – contributing more than 6,000 hours every year to the successful operation of the café and our events.

Our dedicated management team ensure our volunteers benefit just as much from being involved as we do by having them. From all ages, races and genders, we come together in this space and for this cause. Here we share a commonality that helps us grow; collectively and individually. We have created a space full with love, acceptance and celebration for each person’s unique gift.

We give away  100% of our profits to our charity partners

We are proud to have raised more than $175,628 for our charity partners since opening in 2010.  This has only been possible through the commitment and support of an extensive community of staff, volunteers, suppliers and customers.

Interested in knowing how we distribute of profits??  Wondering how a social enterprise gives away all the profits and still survives?

Kinfolk is committed to growing its cafe, catering and events businesses that provide the resources to support our unique and expanding volunteer program.  Periodically, a portion of Kinfolk’s surplus is set aside to a Capital Reserve to underpin the organisations long-term financial future.  100% of all remaining profits are donated annually to our charity partners.

Kinfolks financials are audited pro-bono by Pitcher Partners annually.  The audited profit figure is distributed in three instalments (one every four months) over the next financial year.  This process ensures a safe level of working capital stays within the business to support the operation and protect against seasonal fluctuations.

To date, Kinfolk has distributed $167,846.68 of the money raised to our partners.    The remaining $7,781.32 will be distributed before June 30th 2017.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuing support.

Kinfolk is a registered DGR endorsed charity with the ACNC

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