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Kinfolk exists to create more inclusive communities.  We operate two cafe’s, Kinfolk and Sibling in the Melbourne CBD and Carlton North and Events by Kinfolk, a thriving catering and venue hire enterprise with venues for workshops, presentations and family celebrations.  Embedded within our business is a training program that creates inclusive opportunities for people facing marginalisation, including physical and learning disabilities, mental health challenges, unemployment, transitioning from prison and recent migrants and refugees.  Each week upwards of 70 people participate in our program gaining social connection, hospitality skills and confidence with many of them going on to gain paid employment. Our customers can vote with their dollars, with all operational surplus donated to our charity partners.

To date more than $200,000 has been donated to assist our partner charities build more inclusive communities.

This has only been possible through the commitment and support of an extensive community of staff, volunteers, suppliers and customers.

Vote with your purchase…

Our distributable profits are divided amongst our charity partners based on our ‘coffee bean voting system’.  Yep, our customers call the shots here!

Located on the front counter as you pay, you’ll see our two project jars and a bowl of coffee beans. Drop a bean into the jar of the project you would like to support with your purchase and then each year we have our financials audited, determine our profit, empty the jars, weigh the beans and distribute profits accordingly.

Charity Partners

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Ensuring dignity and human rights for Asylum Seekers

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is Australia’s largest provider of aid, advocacy and health services to people seeking asylum.

ASRC run over 30 programs that serve the larger strategic objective to ensure people seeking asylum are treated fairly with their rights are respected under international human rights law, that they are valued and are able to determine and advance their own futures whilst experiencing the best possible physical, mental and social well-being.


Cathy Freeman Foundation

Education changes lives

Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) work one-on-one with students in some of the most remote communities in Australia. CFF work with local community to deliver programs for community by community to help improve school attendance, building confidence, teaching goal setting skills and supporting students through to Year 12 completion.


Volunteers – our driving force

It’s the labours and love of our committed volunteers that have powered Kinfolk since the days when this space was merely dusty floor boards and yellow walls. They are the back bone of everything we do – contributing more than 6,000 hours every year to the successful operation of the café and our events.

Our dedicated management team ensure our volunteers benefit just as much from being involved as we do by having them. From all ages, races and genders, we come together in this space and for this cause. Here we share a commonality that helps us grow; collectively and individually. We have created a space full with love, acceptance and celebration for each person’s unique gift.


Events by Kinfolk is our CBD events business located on level 2 above Kinfolk Cafe.  Whether you are a corporate or community organisation, there are rooms and facilities perfect for your next conference, workshop or creative event.  We also love creating and curating events off-site.  Whats fantastic is that by hosting your event with us you will also be taking steps towards achieving your corporate social responsibility goals.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuing support.

Kinfolk is a registered DGR endorsed charity with the ACNC